#VogueEmpower produced a video called My Choice starring Deepika Padukone that attracted attention on social media; drawing numerous response/parody videos. The video shows the Finding Fanny actress talking about the freedom of choice that women have regarding multiple issues, including the choice to indulge in sex before marriage or out of marriage or not having sex at all. The bold statement about having sex made lot of noise and response poured in favour and against too. (Also watch: Deepika Padukone’s My Choice: Husband reacts to wife who had extra-marital sex!)

Here is a video by Freedumb of Speech showing a dog’s vision of My Choice. “To wear clothes or to roam around naked. My choice is to sleep beneath a car or out in the open. My choice is to have sex with a dog of my area or a dog of outside my area or to not have sex at all,” express dogs in the video. The video is a dog version of My Choice and says that dogs too have right to choose or reject. As we do respect the choices of women or men, the video asks for the choices four-legged mammals’ to be equally respected.

As the original My Choice video talks about the issue of womankind, this clip addresses the issues of dogs and titles it DOGUE EMPOWER. Watch the hilarious dog’s perspective of My Choice.