crow troubles dog

This could be one of the best underdog versus powerful videos, except that the under ‘dog’ here is a bird! A crow gets on the nerves of a dog and irritates him, knowing that the dog cannot harm him in anyway. The dog is tied to a leash and the crow is fully taking advantage of the situation to tease the canine! The bird repeatedly pricks the tail of this helpless dog who is not able to chase the bird!

Looking at the video, it comes out as a David vs Goliath story, or Tom & Jerry. A must watch! Watch it here and decide who is Goliath and who is David, or Tom / Jerry!

ហាហាហា…ពួកែរករឿងគេមែន…Posted by Cool Fm 100.7 Phnom Penh on Monday, March 2, 2015

This cute post was shared on Facebook by Cool Fm. The question is: Would you do the same thing to your bully if he or she is unable to harm you? The video does give food for thought from animal kingdom, doesn’t it?

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