A sure-shot contender for the video of the year, American telecom moguls AT & T have come up with a brilliant advertisement that explains how things can go awry when one tries to text while sitting on the steering wheel. There are a lot of connecting points to the story. First, there is a young boy, innocently counting the number of cars that pass by on the highway.

Elsewhere, a mother is coaxing her child to get ready and leave. The little girl is hesitant but eventually relents to her momma’s call. Elsewhere, there is a working class man who is trying his best to become a millionaire and even jokes with his wife about becoming filthy rich in the near future. He is on his jeep as he is having this conversation. Then there is a Spanish lady who is having a quiet, lazy day, watering her garden. The campaign is called ‘It Can Wait’.

The boy is strolling down the road and the mother looks at her cellphone and gloats to her daughter that all her friends loved the pictures she posted. That is when the lives of all the characters in the video turns upside down. Watch the full video here: