Having a doting father can make any child feel confident and loved. Fathers have been known to be protective of their children and this was seen in a recent video that went viral on the internet.

Netizens lauded one such father and coined him as “Best dad of the year” as he helped his frightened daughter perform ballet on stage in front of an audience.

The footage that has since gone viral shows a father going up on stage to help his daughter Bella as she gets performance anxiety. He first tries to help his daughter by guiding her. When she doesn’t start dancing he is not afraid of matching steps to his tiny daughter. He makes her match steps with him as he performs the dance with ease.

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Check out the video:

His daughter initially didn’t know what is going on, but soon starts dancing and matching her steps and performance with others.

The most commendable part was that the father was doing all of this with another baby in his arms.

This shows that this father loves his daughters and encourages them to do their best. The audience at the City Hall of Hamilton in Bermuda cheered and lauded his performance.