Double Birthday Bumps: Happy birthday Natalie Portman And Johnny Depp

Two of the best things that happened to Hollywood, ever, celebrate their birthdays today. That’s right, it’s the talented and very attractive Natalie Portman, and the charming yet versatile Johnny Depp.With both of them sharing their birthday today, how does one article talk about both these amazing people, and yet keep it brief? Well, we share with you this amazing video!

This video is for Paul McCartney’s song titled ‘My Valentine’. The former Beatles star also directed the video, which stars both the Hollywood actors using sign language to communicate the lyrics of the song. Although there were a few bloopers here and there, with both of them using the sign for ‘tampon’ instead of the word ‘appear’, the song is pretty much shot beautifully. The video is completely shot in grey scale white and looks amazing!