Dove has apologized for its series of body wash ads that led to a social media outrage after it was termed racist. The Facebook advertising campaign had used a series of three images in which a black woman was peeling off her T-shirt revealing a white woman underneath. Another image shows a third woman taking off her top to reveal an Asian woman. The 3-second GIF ad which was posted on the brand’s Facebook page on Friday was taken down on Saturday. While Dove took down the video, Nay the mua, an American makeup artist, shared it on her Facebook page that received a lot of reactions.

Dove ad trolled on social media for depicting women's body sizes in its new bottles (Watch Video)

Dove ad trolled on social media for depicting women's body sizes in its new bottles (Watch Video)

Following the negative feedback, Dove tweeted apologies on Twitter saying, “An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused.” While most people criticised Dove for the concept, some tried to defend it saying that that intention of the brand was different. Some social media users said that the black woman not just turned to white but also to look like an Asian. A comment on the post reads, “Yall (You all) are turning this into something it isn’t. Have we as black women become so insecure that we perceive EVERYTHING as an insult? This commercial went from black to white to middle eastern. Honestly. Give it a rest. Its a body wash commercial.”

However, some said that had the images were used in a different order, the issue would not have been created. Another comment stating why the ad was racist reads, “With all the racism against blacks, it’s easy to take it the wrong way. They should have put the women in different orders to relay the same message. But in a world where light is right, this ad came off very wrong.”

Here is the Dove ad that created the furor:

Here is what Dove tweeted:

Dove has over the years tried to show woman’s beauty it all its forms. They have had ads with women with all body and skin types promoting their soaps, body lotion and other products. In the past, Dove’s ads campaigns “My Beauty My Say,” “Real Beauty,” and “#BeautyBias” have been applauded for portraying diversity and self-confidence. Meanwhile, social media users also said that the ad showed the long history of racist soap advertising.