Drishyam movie review: Here's the public reaction to Ajay Devgn and Tabu's film - 4/5

Self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan might have given a thumbs down to Ajay Devgn and Tabu’s film Drishyam, but most of the public is liking it. In this reaction of audiences that has been caught on camera, people are saying they loved Ajay Devgn’s acting. Some viewers think Tabu is better and also like the direction of Nishikant Kamat.

Overall, the Drishyam movie review by the public has garnered four stars out of five (4/5). People are liking the thriller although it’s a remake of a Malayalam movie of the same name starring veteran actor Mohanlal. Ajay Devgn who was scared if he’d match up to Mohanlal has nothing to fear, as his fans have loved him in Drishyam.

See the Drishyam public movie review here . Rating: 4/5.