A case of drinking and driving in Kolkata ended in a very bizarre way as the cop on duty was kissed by a drunk woman who was allegedly driving the car. While the police in India have been trying to make people believe that they are your friends, this case clearly took things a step further. The intoxicated woman allegedly drove into the divider, and when a police personnel approached her she pulled him into a passionate kiss! The police did not expect this rather uncommon welcome and tried to handle the situation in a professional way.

According to an Ei Samay report, the 38-year-old woman rammed into the divider on the bypass at Chingrighata Mor, Kolkata. The woman, who was in an extremely drunken state, was accompanied by another man and woman in the car. When a cab driver in the vicinity tried to help them out, the woman allegedly assaulted him, and in the end, he Bailaghata Traffic Guard and Bidhannagar Sout Police Station officials were called at the site.

When a home guard approached the woman and the car, she pulled the man into a hug and started kissing him. The police, as well as visitors, were left rather stunned by the sudden turn of events and finally managed to get the woman into the police jeep with the help of a local woman. The police who were present at the site confirmed that the three people who were involved in the drunken driving accident belonged to College Street and were also a member of the College Street Pujo Committee.

According to the police reports, nobody seems to be injured or hurt by this drink and drive accident. However, the trauma caused to the police guard is beyond our imagination. The woman was arrested for drunken driving because of the accident, and will surely remember this extremely adventurous night for a long long time!