Drunken man in Siberia Airlines plane beaten up and tied to seat by co-passengers! Watch video

A viral video of a drunken airline passenger is doing the rounds. As seen in the video, the man was beaten up black and blue by co-passengers on a Siberia Airlines plane, as he was annoying them. He was absolutely drunk and was not conscious of his behaviour. He didn’t know what he was doing and could’ve ended hurting or assaulting someone. Seeing the possibility, co-passengers took matters into their own hands and tied the drunk man up to one of the airplane’s seats.

TV anchor Kari Lake reported the news on Twitter, saying, “Ever feel like restraining a fellow passenger at 30Kft? This guy got drunk on #SiberiaAirlines and ended up hogtied.”


Reports say the Siberian Airlines flight had taken off from Hong Kong and was on its way to Vladivostok in Russia when the incident happened. It’s good that the men took control, as female passengers and crew could’ve been in danger. But they should probably not have hit him. Watch video and tell us if you agree.