When it comes to making and breaking records, Dubai seems to be playing on the front foot. Besides being home to the tallest building in the world, and also several architectural wonders, Dubai has added another record to its kitty. And that is of the world’s longest wheelie. The Dubai Police and Dubai Motorbike Festival have created a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest wheelie (distance) on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The credit goes to Captain Abdulla Al Hattawi, a member of the Dubai Police Force, Dubai Police Stunt Team. Al Hattawi is one of the top ATV stunt athletes in the world. He has set the new record for the world’s longest wheelie at an impressive 60km, breaking the previous record of 50 km.

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Guinness World Record: World’s Longest Wedding Train Made in France Can Cover Mt Everest

Captain Abdulla Al Hattawi performed a non-stop wheelie of 60 km on Friday morning (January 12). The route taken by Hattawi reportedly started in Ghantoot and continued down Sheikh Zayed Road to the doors of the Dubai Motorbike Festival hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The stunt coincides with the opening of the Dubai Motorbike Festival that is being held at the World Trade Centre on January 12 and 13. Al Hattawi is popularly known as Abdulla Hollandi on social media. He had a convoy of Dubai Police patrol and Dubai Police supercars that were guiding him on his attempt. He was reportedly also shortly followed by over 300 bikers from motorcycle clubs around the region.

In an interview to The Khaleej Times, Al Hattawi said, “I’m so proud to now be the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest wheelie on an ATV and to achieve another Guinness World Record for Dubai Police. It was an amazing experience and thank you to everyone who has supported us.” He also added that it was an amazing experience, and thanked everyone who supported them in their endeavour.

Here is Captain Abdulla Al Hattawi’s Instagram post after creating the Guinness World Record:

عام زايد ❤️ 12/1/2018 المهمة انتهت بنجاح وتوفيق من الله ، الحمدالله دائما وأبدا (( تم تحطيم الرقم القياسي والدخول في موسوعة جينيس )) قطعت مسافة ٦٠ كم على العجلات الخلفية متعديا الرقم القياسي السابق ، شكرا للقيادة العامة لشرطة دبي ، شكرا لقائد شرطة دبي سعادة اللواء عبدالله خليفه المري ، شكرا سعادة مطر الطاير رئيس هيئة المواصلات في دبي ونائب رئيس مجلس دبي الرياضي ، شكرا سعادة سعيد حارب الأمين العام لمجلس دبي الرياضي ، شكرا سيف صاحب مهرجان دبي للدراجة النارية، شكرا (( شركة إنرجايزر )) ، شكرا (( إكس دبي )) وشكرا لكل الأصدقاء وكل من ساهم في هذا الإنجاز العالمي (( شكرا لكم جميعا)) والحلم تحقق والحمدالله .. today is my dream day .. new world record has been done and my name registered in guinness world record .. 60km on back wheels .. thanks to @dubaipolicehq @rta_dubai @saeedhareb @tareqalsaadiuae @xdubai @dxbmotorbikefestival @energizerme @rashidr700 @mohamed_mba @xx.hah @guinnessworldrecords #شكرا_محمد_بن_زايد شكرا_محمد_بن_زايد #dubai #records #guinness #bikelife #wheelie #freestyle #mydubai #xdubai #atv

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Interestingly, this is not the first daredevil feat for Al Hattawi. In the past, he has accomplished several impressive stints, reports the National. He is a regular at stunt tournaments across the world and has a whopping 187,000 followers on Instagram. He regularly posts pictures and videos of his daring acts and of his travels on his Instagram account. Along with being an ace stuntman, Al Hattawi is also a senior official in the Dubai Police. He is responsible for training the Dubai Police Special Forces.