Ranveer's new Durex condom ad: Watch Ranveer Singh enjoying sex!

When it comes to ‘sex‘, it’s still a taboo in India. Condom ads have been always associated with objectifying women, but Durex is set to be the game changer! This ad doesn’t have a female playing seductively posing with strawberries or chocolate, instead it has Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranveer Singh playing it all cool!

The ad concentrates on the ‘Feel good’ factor that one generally gets after sex! The ad starts with Ranveer having sex with a woman and feeling so great about it that it he does ‘The Rex’ (Watch the video to #DoTheRex) through out the day.

You will see a hyperactive and cool side of Ranveer when he raps in this ad! The video and the song are super fun and very different from the cliched condom ads. The music is so catchy that you might catch yourself humming it all day long.

In the Durex commercial, Ranveer promotes safe sex in a fun and quirky way. The visuals are so energetic and humorous that they have zero awkwardness. So, the next time you are sitting with your parents, you don’t have to change the channel when a condom ad arrives. You can go all out and #DoTheRex with Ranveer Singh!

Watch this awesome ad here: