Don’t get scandalized if you see Ranveer Singh humping around in the Durex’s latest video. The condom brand is all set to launch their slimmest condom type, Durex Jeans in India and their brand ambassador is merely perfecting various sex positions. Ranveer who kicked off the safe and pleasurable sex campaign of Durex with Do The Rex ad in 2014 is now all charged up to master several sex positions in the latest Durex Jeans TVC. Watching Ranveer, country’s most desirable man subtly show you all kinds of kinky stuff he wants to do to his partner is an instant turn on for his fans – so watch this ad at your own risk! Ranveer Singh shows fans how to wear Durex Jeans condom! (Watch video).

The advertisement begins with Ranveer securing various areas of his flat like the study table, the exercise ball, the bathtub and other areas where he can get lucky. Yes, he is waiting to get lucky and does not wish to be underprepared. The ad is clearly high on sexual montages, but it is not going to make you feel awkward if it plays in your family drawing room unlike the erotic Manforce condom brand featuring pornstar turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Durex Dotted Pleasure ‘Sensation’ Condom’s Erotic Print Ad will give you Goosebumps, Literally!

Durex gave a teaser of their Durex Jeans ad which showed Ranveer Singh taking down his pants in a trial room. The ad became instantly popular as Durex tagged their product as ‘a pair of jeans you can’t do without’. While many innocent souls actually expected Durex to venture into a clothing line, the well informed realised that the ad was the entry of Durex Jeans Condoms in India.

Durex Jeans Condoms are mainly known for being extremely thin and easy to slip in the pocket. Durex Jeans Condoms bid adieu to the bulky boxes and packaging which is usually seen in any box of condoms. The brand launched Durex Jeans Condoms has two pieces of condoms and can be carried around without any hassle. The main idea behind the latest product by Durex is to make condom easily available and save you the trip to the chemist when you have a surprising change of mood.