Dwayne Johnson, who is popularly known as the ‘The Rock’ is already giving wrestle mania fans a nostalgic feels with his upcoming movie ‘Fight With My Family’ promo. Dwayne, being the former wrestler plays himself in the 56-seconds clip where he gives the classic smack talk to the Paige, played by Florence Pugh, and her brother Zak during the WWE tryout. The Rock is playing himself in the movie and pulling out dialogues such as, “The Rock wants you to go out there and take no prisoners, have no regret, have no fears, let it all out in the lines”, where he gives advice to the wannabe wrestlers Paige and his brother Zak on how to win over a crowd inside the wrestling ring.

The movie ‘Fighting With My Family’ is produced by Fast and Furious star and comedian Nick Frost and is directed by Stephen Merchant. The film is the biopic on British WWE wrestler Paige and her professional wrestling family The Bevises in their perplexity for wrestling stardom.

Describing the film, director Stephen Merchant said to the international publication, “It’s a true story about a working-class girl who, against the odds, climbed to the very top of her unusual profession. And as with Rocky and boxing, even if you don’t like her sport, you’ll love her journey.”

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The real wrestler Paige after watching the movie cried and said “Obviously it was the story of my family, which was beautiful, and it’s about a close family. It’s not just a wrestling story, it’s very versatile, it’s very open, it’s incredible and I couldn’t ask for a better cast.”

Recently, on the Raw after Mania, Paige announced her retirement and gave an emotional speech to her fans.

The wrestler Paige whose birth name is Saraya-Jade Bevis is a retired wrestler due to injuries she succumbed to last December where she was kicked at the back which caused her neck to snap. In 2005, at the age of 13, Paige made her debut in the World Association of Wrestling under the ring name Britani Knight.