87-year-old Norbert Schemm, who hailed from Wisconsin in the USA, died on November 20 from colon cancer. However, he insisted on having a last beer with all his three sons before bidding adieu to the world.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Adam Schemm posted a picture of his grandpa enjoying his last beer with his sons. The post has been shared widely triggering the same emotions in other people as many users shared their personal stories similar to Adam’s.

Adam took to Twitter to post the picture of his grandfather and explained what happened. His post read, “My grandfather passed away today. Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.” (sic)

He was then contacted by BBC. Adam revealed that his grandpa was doing well until Sunday when he was admitted to a hospital where he realised he wouldn’t be living any longer. Adam added that his grandfather called his grandchildren and explained everything to them on Monday. On the next day, he desired to have his last beer with his sons and that’s when the above picture was taken. “My dad told us that grandpa had wanted a beer and now when I look at that picture, it gives me solace,” Adam mentioned.

As soon as he shared the story, many Twitter users got reminded of their own similar experiences. A man named Ben Riggs shared a picture of his grandfather revealing how he had also wished to have his last beer and smoke a cigar before dying. His tweet read, “I don’t know you… but I felt this. Days before my grandpa passed he let my dad and I know he wanted a cigar and a beer. We made it happen. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grandpa’s smile is one for the books!” (sic)

The kind of emotions and memories our grandparents leave us with are beautiful and one won’t trade these memories for anything in the whole wide world!