Ed Sheeran performed for the first time in India on Sunday, November 19, 2017, and took everyone by storm. Unlike Justin Bieber his concert was not panned and most people including Bollywood celebrities had an amazing time with the Shape of You singer. Farah Khan hosted a party for the singer and who’s who of Bollywood arrived to paint the town red with the 26-year-old singer. Ed Sheeran’s concert that was held at Jio Gardens at BKC in Mumbai regaled thousands of people and everybody had a gala time with not even an inkling of criticism coming his way. However, Ed Sheeran partying at Farah Khan’s house with Shah Rukh Khan, Malaika Arora, Shahid Kapoor and other celebrities is the talk of the town especially when Farah Khan so graciously shared amazing photos of the singer at the do. However, the keen eyes of Twitterati could not overlook the awkward and harangued expression on Ed Sheeran’s face and had a gala time coming up with witty jokes on his “plastic smiles” and “dead eyes”.

The Shape of You singer has found a cult following in India thanks to his super hit song which saw many renditions, versions, and performances on the internet. The song was a hit on social media and not a day passed by when somebody or the other did not perform a dance on it. The singer had come to India for his Divide tour and was graciously hosted by Farah Khan who shared several pictures of the singer with Bollywood celebrities and one with her kids as well. However, the Twitterati were highly amused by the deadpan and ‘plastic’ expression on the singer’s face in every photo and had an awesome time cracking jokes, even going as far as predicting that Ed Sheeran might never come back to India. Ed Sheeran Concert: Here’s All You Need To Know About The Shape of You Singer’s Performance in Mumbai

Check out some photos shared by Farah Khan of Ed Sheeran

He does look happy

Ed Sheeran with Farah Khan’s kids

Sample a few hilarious tweets below.

He looks aggrieved

Begging to be saved

The matchmaking


Similar AF

Plastic eyes

The oracle has spoken

The pictures are really funny and so is Ed Sheeran’s expression. However, we will have to wait and see whether he will be back in India for another tour or not, till then let’s hear Shape of You on a loop.