Ek Ladki, Anek Ladkiyan: What does it mean to be a woman in India?

Every case pertaining to human rights violation is largely concerned with only women in our country. If women are to accept labels, gender bias, violence, rules and verbal assaults thrust upon them, where is the so called democratic freedom that we boast about?

On a daily basis women are subjected to taunts and comments irrespective of the day, place time and tide. In our country rape is prevalent and even the leaders are known for making ludicrous statements as excuse for the rape cases such as, “boys will be boys”.

As per figures and reports over 2, 00,000 reported cases of crimes against women in 2012, more than 24,000 cases of rape were registered and marital rape is not criminal offense in India! Not just rape, 38, 262 cases of kidnapping and abduction and 2,500 cases of trafficking. Laws alone are not enough; it is time for a social change.

This video titled ‘Ek Ladki, Anek Ladkiyan’ will hurt your sensibilities and will offend you to the core. It shares with you a raw reality about how something is fundamentally wrong with the people of our society and serves as a tight slap across the perpetrators. Why is there a need for women to fight for her freedom, the right to choose how to dress, whom to love, how to live? This video will address as to why India is still at a point of debate about how to truly safeguard the freedom of women. Watch this blunt and powerful video and unshackle yourself from the wrong mindset.

Watch the beautiful yet hard-hitting video below.