The temperature in New Delhi has touched 42 and will soon touch 46 degrees Celsius mark, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. The first measure to beat the heat is to hydrate yourself, making sure that your body functions at full capacity. However, many people don’t get water supplies at home and they remain thirsty. But, there is an elderly Sikh man who wants to make a difference. He has taken the responsibility of serving water to passengers travelling on buses and pedestrians.

There is a video of him which is doing rounds all over the internet. In a video tweeted by @ZeHarpreet, an unidentified man is seen serving water to thirsty passengers in a stopped bus. The user writes, “In the sweltering Delhi heat, this Sardarji, is single-handedly trying to bring some relief to the people! Commendable.”

Watch the heart-winning video here:


The viral clip has received over 7k likes with many praising the old man for his dedication towards humanity. “Sikh community has great courage to serve humanity. Look at his age and his courage in this temperature of Delhi. Hats off,” read one of the many comments on the viral clip.

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Even the passengers appreciate his extra services.