It all seems straight out of an Enid Blyton fiction novel. A house where humans coexist with animals ranging from a dog and cat to monkey and bear. Together they make merry and dine at the same table. Most people would have read and loved these books, and also wondered how the world would seem if this were to turn true one day. Well, a family in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, got to experience this for real. A full-grown elephant and a baby-elephant, also called a calf, entered a house in Periyanaickenpalayam in Coimbatore. The duo was presumably looking for food. What’s more surprising is the fact that after an intense search, when the animals couldn’t find any food, they left the house without causing any damage! 

Shocking Video: Furious Elephant Attacks Tourist in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri District

Shocking Video: Furious Elephant Attacks Tourist in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri District

Asian News International (ANI) recorded and shared a black-and-white video recording of the “unexpected” visitors in the Coimbatore house.  The elephant and calf can be seen quietly walking towards the shed. Once inside, the rummage around searching for some food. However, when they didn’t find any, both just turn around and walk away. ANI shared the video with the caption: “An elephant, along with an elephant calf, enters a house in Coimbatore’s Periyanaickenpalayam in search of food, returns without causing any damage.” It is not clear where the residents of the house are and what their reaction was to these “guests”. The video recording shows the date of the visit to be on November 30, 2017, at around 9.53 pm.

Watch the video here:

The video has since gone viral and has been shared extensively. In response to ANI’s tweet sharing the video, users have commented that people should keep food and water outside their houses for these animals. Another user said that humans need to learn from animals because a human usually ‘steals or causes nuisance in a fit of frustration’. 

While elephants are loved and respected, there is also a fear among people towards them. This is because elephants can sometimes get violent if they are upset. There are several news articles on the usually gentle elephants going on a rampage. There were also reports recently of an elephant crushing a man to death. This video, however, shows the friendlier side of the mammals.