Animals may not talk but they can do a number of extraordinary things. They often surprise us with some incredible human skills like singing, dancing and even solving some problem. Animals are also very empathetic and can save and rescue other animals, adopt an orphan or happily applaud or pat each other. However, one such elephant has proved that it can do one more special thing that it can add to its resume if it had one. Recently news agency Asian News International (ANI) shared an adorable video of an elephant playing a mouth organ or harmonica at an elephant’s rejuvenation camp in Coimbatore’s Thekkampatti. The adorable and surprising video has become viral.

The internet is full of adorable videos of animals doing some extraordinary human activities, and they never fail to amuse and surprise us. Now, in one such similar video, an elephant is seen playing a mouth organ at Coimbatore in India. The elephant’s name is Andaal, and he plays the musical instrument at an elephants’ rejuvenation camp in Coimbatore’s Thekkampatti. ANI shared the video of Andaal playing the musical instrument with the words, “#WATCH: Elephant named Andaal plays mouth organ at temple elephants’ rejuvenation camp in Coimbatore’s Thekkampatti. #TamilNadu.” Elephant Expresses Gratitude After Its Baby Was Saved in Kerala in This Heartwarming Video

Watch Andaal, the elephant play the mouth organ or harmonica below:

It is really interesting to note that animals can do so many human activities and sometimes much better than us too, but we still call them dumb animals. We wonder who is more intelligent the humans who are hell-bent on destroying nature or the animals that not only know their own qualities but also learn the activities of humans.