Today (January 8) is the 81st birth anniversary of the cultural icon Elvis Aaron Presley or who is widely known as Elvis Presley. He is known to be the Rock and Roll icon. His swift dance moves in his music videos and off course his peppy songs have won millions of hearts. Born on     January 8, 1935 Elvis Presley is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He is also referred as ‘the King’.

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He relocated with his family to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13-year-old. His career in music started in the year 1954 and his songs are cherished even today. One of the most popular one that we would be listening at parties even today is the ‘Jailhouse Rock’ music video that was released in the year 1968. But much before that the Rock and Roll star had become popular with his very first single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ that was released in the year 1956 and this song had topped the chart in the United States. (ALSO READ: Elvis Presley tops UK album charts for 12th time)

Elvis Presley passed away when he was 42-year-old i.e. on August 16, 1977. Throughout his career he has given the world amazing tracks like Can’t Help Falling in Fall (1961), Blue Christmas (1957), In the Ghetto (1969), My Way (1973), It’s Now or Never (1960), Amazing Grace (1970) and more. (ALSO READ: Elvis Presley’s first record sells for USD 300,000)

Elvis has been successful in various genres like pop, blues and gospel. The cultural icon is one of the best-selling solo artists in the history of recorded music. It’s not just Elvis Presley’s dance moves but even his blingy costumes was something that the world spoke of. One cannot fail to recognize the legend’s voice or image. (ALSO READ: Miley Cyrus dons Elvis Presley’s look)