The 18-year-old Malala Yousafzai, needs no introduction. Popularly known as the girl who the Taliban tried to kill because she was raising awareness about female education, Malala is a renowned personality across the world. As a young girl, Malala started supporting the cause of female education and equal rights, which is commendable. Thanks to her campaigning, she is now a global spokesperson. For all those who don’t know, Malala’s bravery and courage has made her win a Nobel Peace Prize in October 2014.

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim found Yousafzai’s life story rather interesting and decided to make a documentary called- He Named Me Malala. Guggenheim used interviews, news footage and animation to paint an intimate portrait of the Yousafzais’s past and present – and in particular the influence of Malala’s father Ziauddin on her life, reports Yousafzai has been living in Birmingham with her family since the assassination attempt.

Emma Watson, majorly known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, got the opportunity to interview the 18-year-old activist during the Into Film Festival 2015. As the documentary’s title suggests, Malala’s insipration has been her father. The vital element of her life’s story is the fact that her determination comes from her father. “My first instinct in making this movie was that it is very much about a family, about a father’s love and about a girl who feels empowered to do amazing things. If you cover that story, it speaks to girls all over the world,” the director explained.

As mentioned on her official blog, her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai has always loved learning. He was known as an advocate for education in Pakistan, which has the second highest number of out of school children in the world, and became an outspoken opponent of Taliban efforts to restrict education and stop girls from going to school. Malala shared her father’s passion for learning and loved going to school. Even though Malala and her father received death threats, they continued to speak in support of every child’s right to education. ALSO READ: ‘He Named Me Malala’ Offers an Intimate Glimpse into the Life of Malala Yousafzai

Watch the full video below.