Did you buy the play station game you have been waiting for last 10 days and couldn’t. Thanks to the insufficient funds we had in our account and will have to wait till the first of month for our salary to be credited. Once again, there will be money in the air, joys will know no bounds just like our expenditure and eventually warm pockets will be so hot on fire that we will burn a hole only to be patched again when there will money again in our banks.

We all go through this. During last 10 days of a month we all are in the same zone. Didn’t behave to save, so now we are not even left with money for shave. We feel you! (ALSO READ: This video of Govinda and Raveena dancing to Sia’s Cheap Thrills will make you wish if this was real!)


When money was there, there was Uber and now that it is not here, train is all what we care.

We are not alone so here is song we all can hymn together and express how we feel in those times of the month. Abish Mathew is one of the most named and talented comedian of our times. He has been delivering worthy acts and features and yet again he has come up with a amazing video.

The video goes by the name of ‘End Of The Month’, a song for all those who play the pendulum between first of the month and the end of the month. (ALSO READ: AIB Diwas: Zakir Khan shares tips on wooing city women)

Watch the video here: