Move over the topic of objectification of women in advertisements, we are talking about a rented raccoon used by a naked model in an erotic video. The sleazy portrayal of female models in ads and commercials might not be our topic of concern, but a Russian zoo is indeed concerned about their raccoon named Thomas. The petting zoo, Teatr Zoo is suing an advertising agency, Art-Msk, for filming a raunchy sexually arousing TV advert with a sexy nude model and their raccoon. The uncensored video shows the model sitting on a hotel bed is wrestling with Thomas, the super adorable raccoon for her bra!

Russia’s Teatr Zoo is highly upset with an advertisement agency that filmed their raccoon in a salacious television advert. The angry group claim of becoming aware of the fact only after seeing distasteful pictures from the shoot shared online last August. This did not definitely go down well with the Zoo, who decided to sue the advertising agency for conceptualizing such a titillating advert featuring their raccoon.

The concerned Zoo took to Instagram to share several posts demanding the ad agency to take the material offline, drop the idea of the video and tell them the name of their customer. In a long post, they claim their raccoon seemed changed in nature after returning from the shoot. It took them a two-three month to bring him to normalcy. The spokesperson Viktor Kiryukhin told the BBC, “We noticed he was attracted to women’s breasts.”

They also showed concern over the ‘product’ this TV advert was for as clearly by writing, “About the product, which will be advertised in the video and that the partner of the animal at the site will perform naked actress, the studio we did not warn you.” Teatr Zoo in their Instagram post also mentioned, “The management of the zoo considers the use of a raccoon in erotic video advertising unethical.”

As for the advertising agency, Art-Msk, they released an official statement which clearly reflects their ‘seriousness’ towards the lawsuit filed by Teatr Zoo. Valeriy Bogatov, Head of video distribution Studio of video ART-MSK writes – “March 15 authoritative Russian and world mass media appeared information that the petting zoo ‘Animals are not toys!’ has filed a lawsuit against the Studio.


We learned that petting zoo sued us in court from calling us channel Life News. When before representatives of the zoo came to visit us in the Studio a month ago and filed a Claim – we took it as a joke. The Claim stated that: “removing raccoon in the video we did harm populations of raccoons”. We believe that this situation is absurd, worthy of a Hollywood script, a Comedy. Please consider this the official position of our Studio.


If we fail to resolve the conflict with a petting zoo amicable agreement – we intend to submit to the court a counter-suit. In it we will claim compensation of our bra of the actress, who gnawed raccoon on the set. Our Studio had to compensate him the cost of shooting the girl in excess of the fee for filming in promotional video.


As a matter of fact, the ad agency also released an uncensored footage of the controversial commercial showing Thomas with the naked model having some fun moments. The behind-the-scene video shows the raunchy topless model enjoying with the supercute raccoon, who looked to be in no mood to let go of her bra. Amidst the laughing people on the sets who gleefully shot the model as she happily struggled to get back her bra from Thomas.