At a time when we can barely move our eyes off the starry feed of our social media influencers — teeming with everything beautiful, glossy and perfect — the landlord of a Chinese social media influencer has exposed the real and dirty life behind the gloss.

Lisa Li is a Chinese social media influencer who has over 1 million followers on her Sino Weibo blog. She is known for her luxurious life, picture-perfect vacations. However, the chinks in the armour started showing gradually as her landlord decided to give her the taste of her own medicine.

According to a report from the BBC, her landlord posted a video of Li’s apartment, after she got irked as Lisa didn’t return her calls over unpaid bills. Apartment tour is a common video often shot by influencers, mostly on the request of the followers. But here was a reality check. We are sure had Li done an apartment tour, we would have never seen what we could see in this video.

Mouldy food, unwashed dishes, dog poop and what not — Li’s dirty apartment is actually far from her glittering, carelessly curated online persona. It’s unhealthy, unhygienic and of course not Instagram-worthy.

According to reports, the landlord said that the apartment was so dirty that even professional cleaners refused to clean.

After the video went viral, Lisa apologised to her landlord and took the entire responsibility. Her fans and followers started slamming her. Many unfollowed her. But as a social media celebrity survives only on social media attention, without feeling humiliated, Lisa promised her followers that she would clean the room. She was also seen with a broom. Now we are sure people would swoon over those photos and will seek tips from her on how she could clean the hell-hole overnight.