We all have faced excess baggage issues at the airport. The charges on excess baggage are on a higher side and particularly frustrating experience for any traveller to face. The lengths to which passengers go to avoid paying for over-sized hand luggage has been revealed – and frankly, it’s embarrassing. Recently, an airline passenger Gel Rodriguez dedicated a trick for getting around an excess baggage fee and that has delighted many of us and gone viral online.

Gel was able to get her 9kg luggage onto her flight without having to pay anything extra despite her bag exceeding the airline’s limit (7kg). What she did will make you laugh out loud. Instead of taking out the clothes, she put the offending weight onto her body –– all 2.5kg of it.

She even took to Facebook to share the picture. Rodriguez can be seen doing a Superman-like pose, she appears to be wearing at least three tops, two pairs of pants and four cardigans. “From 9kg to 6.5kg baggage,” she wrote, along with the hashtag: “#ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted”.

Netizens were quick to comment and were joking around the pic. The huge online response was clearly extraordinary for Gel.

Take a look here:

The post has garnered over 34k likes, 1k comments and 21k shares.

This is not the first time a passenger his putting on extra pairs of clothes to avoid paying an excess baggage fee. In 2015, a Scottish boyband member, James McElvar lost consciousness after wearing all his clothes on a flight. It was initially reported that the singer had suffered a heart attack but he later turned out to have suffered heat exhaustion from the stunt.