Mrs. Funny Bones as she’s called, Twinkle Khanna has earned a name for herself. While her acting skills left something to be desired, we are completely and absolutely in awe of her writing. The lady recently even launched a book which is an amalgamation of all her writings and then some more.

Be it the latest issue plaguing the nation or just her thoughts: she can make you laugh, cry, think and react with just her words. And that is an amazing talent. She’s always called a spade a spade and it’s not just for the public. She’s just the same even with her family! She doesn’t hesitate to point out errors or tell things as they are even at the expense of hurting close ones.

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Akshay and Twinkle have always been a powerhouse duo. But what’s amazingly cute is that the Khiladi is afraid of his wife! Her open and frank nature has sometimes made him afraid of her reactions to certain things. In an interview with Malikshka on Hotstar, Akshay Kumar admits that he’s afraid of Twinkle! And then, who wouldn’t be when their wife has the guts to call their movie “shit” right at the premiere!

Oh yes. That’s true. Twinkle and Akshay were at a movie screening and after the movie the producer asked Twinkle her opinion and bam! The lady honestly said, “It’s shit” without batting an eyelid! Akshay clearly lost out on a producer friend that day…

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Wow. Akshay! That must’ve been tough! But then, the cute couple that they are, we are sure Akshay didn’t mind! What do you guys think?