Social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down for users worldwide. The feeds on Instagram and Facebook are refusing to refresh and WhatsApp messages aren’t being sent or received. Users on Twitter are frustrated and angry. They are complaining that they are unable to use the social media platforms. This problem has obviously given people on Twitter an opportunity to make new memes and troll Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp on Twitter. Users have headed to Twitter to share that they’re having issues. #FacebookDown and #WhatsAppDown are the top Twitter trends as of now.

One of the users says, “Here we go again. Facebook and Instagram are down and now everyone will rush to Twitter to complain about it”. Another user said, “I think i might come back to Twitter. It’s actually fun in here”.

However, things got sorted and the apps are working fine now. The problem was across the globe and now everything is fine after a brief outage.

Take a look at the concerns users are facing:



This is not the first time all three social media platforms are down together. The same happened in March when people faced trouble accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for over 24 hours.