Shivamogga: It’s a common practice for farmers to use scarecrows to scare away animals but a farmer from Karnataka took it a step further!

Srikant Gowda, a farmer from Karnataka’s Shivamogga who has been struggling to keep his crops safe from monkey infestations, came up with a bizarre idea. He painted orange and white stripes on his dog, to make him look like a tiger and scare away the monkeys.

He stumbled upon this idea after seeing a farmer using a tiger-like doll as a scarecrow near Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district about four years ago. Srikant tried doing the same and it worked too, but he realized that a doll may not last long and that’s when he thought of painting his dog.

Gowda informed the Deccan Herald that he used hair dye to transform his canine into a wild animal and it lasted for more than a month.

He has also put up posters of his dog and and that of tigers in the grass to scare away rogue monkeys. The trick, bizarre it might seem, has actually worked and the dog has been able to actually scare off the monkeys. Now, other farmers are also doing the same to save their crops.

Earlier, in a similar instance in 2016, a farmer in Udupi had painted his dog named ‘Wag’ with black hair dye to protect his fields from raiding monkeys.

Well, that’s not all! JS Chidananda Gowda, another farmer from Kakkarasi village in Sorab taluk, plays the audio of a dog’s bark on a speaker to scare away the monkeys from his maize field. So much of creativity, right?