We usually think that Valentine’s day is celebrated among couple’s only. But it can be celebrated among mother & son, father & daughter, etc and on this valentine it has been proved by Rob Acs and his six-year-old daughter Averianna, they captured their duet performance perfectly. They sang a heartwarming duet. Then with more than 600,000 views the performance of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” has become a sensation online.

According to Global News, Averianna’s mother, Ashleigh said that “the family are so thrilled that people around the world love it so much.” Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, who shared this video on his Twitter feed as this video caught his attention. Averianna’s mother also said ‘Then as soon as she could talk they started to sing together and have been singing together ever since.’

Averianna loves Justin Bieber, like millions of other kids across North America. In the video she puts her all into her verses of singing and at some parts she shuts her eyes tight. The idea to sing the song was purely the tiny tot’s idea, according to her parents. Before asking her vocally-talented dad to sing it with her, she practiced the song on her own.

Thousands of people are leaving comments on the video and many other channels are sharing it too, thus her sweet performance has proved quite the hit. It has been shared on local news, then national news and also being uploaded on Ellen DeGeneres’ EllenTube.