Facebook crimes have been increasing in the recent times. From promoting hate crimes and rapes on social media, to live streaming suicides and murders on Facebook Live, the internet has witnessed its fair share of crimes of the dark web. The latest addition to this list is a shocking murder of an 11-month-old child by her own father. A man from Thailand lives streamed as he hung his daughter and then committed suicide using Facebook Live. The event was triggered after having an argument with his wife. The four-minute video shows the baby girl’s last moments, and it was online for 24 hours before it was finally removed by Facebook. 3-year-old twins died by drowning in washing machine after mom leaves them home alone

The 11-month-old baby girl was murdered at the Thai resort of Phuket, and her 21-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay started a Facebook live to capture the last moments of his daughter. The man was seen tying a knot around the neck of the baby and dropped her from the rooftop. The baby girl was heard crying for some time and then took her last breath. The mother rushed to the Thalang Police Station in the evening after learning about the clip. The man committed this heinous crime because he had an argument with his partner. The woman told the police that Wongtalay accused her of having a relationship with some other man and started shouting at her.

The man hanged himself from the beam of the building after mercilessly killing the child. This horrifying incident is another black mark on Facebook which has been striving to stop the spread of hatred and monitor the content of Facebook Live. “We have a lot of work, and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening,” Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg had said at one event. This is sadly not the first time such an incident has occurred. Recently a Mumbai teenager streamed his death on Facebook Live where he spoke about how he was tired of this world and its ways.