Fawad Khan has been known and loved as one of the most talented actors in the industry, and the Pakistani superstar is back with a new ad that will give you goosebumps. Fawad Khan was a part of a Pakistani television commercial that had him playing the perfect son and captures the journey of finally buying a house in Pakistan. With a story line that is relatable even across the borders, the ad has been receiving positive response all over the social media as everyone relates to the story as well as Fawad Khan’s beautiful acting. Fawad Khan and Raees actress Mahira Khan’s seductive ad will make you go weak in the knees

The TVC for Zameen.com begins by showing the story of a busy son working abroad to provide for his family and keep everyone happy. From cutting short on Skype calls to missing out on spending quality time, the lead protagonist (Fawad) is shown doing everything that we have all been guilty of, and the sheer disappointment and sadness is evident in his parents’ eyes. However, the ad quickly takes a turn, and the young sister cheers them up and promises to take them out the next day.

The video then shows the hard work of the son and the late nights finally paying off as he hands over the papers of their first house and gives a war hug to his family. The most heart warming dialogue in the video has to be dewy eyed Fawad saying, “ghar ke liye hai baba,” and the ad perfectly captures the feeling of owning a house, which is seen as a huge asset in out society.

Watch Fawad Khan in the emotional Paksitani TV ad here

The TVC was shared by Fawad Khan fan pages and has been receiving all the love online. While many are left stumped by the emotional story, others are seen disappointed that it was just an ad and not a complete TV series! The story is clearly fresh and captures the family essence to perfection. The biggest positive for the ad has to be the connection that it has made with everyone who aims at one day being able enough to be in the shoes of Fawad of the TVC and is spreading hopes and smiles.