In a full Bollywood style planning, a sub-inspector in Madhya Pradesh posed as a bride to catch a criminal who was wanted for 15 different crimes including murder. As per a report in Hindustan Times, sub-inspector Madhvi Agnihotri introduced herself as Radha Lodhi on a call to Balkishan Chaubey who was in search of a prospective bride for himself.

Chaubey was a known criminal in the area. However, the police somehow always failed to get hold of him. Not this time though! When Madhvi learned that he was looking out for a woman to marry, she talked to him over a phone call and told him she was a labourer from Delhi who lived in Chattarpur.

Unaware of the reality, Chaubey fell in the trap and agreed to meet Radha aka Madhvi at a temple after the two kept talking for three days. Madhvi got her team ready and stationed a few policemen outside the temple in civilian clothes. When Chaubey arrived to see the woman of his dreams, he was nabbed by the police. He was caught in utter surprise when he realised how the turn of events led to his arrest.

Chaubey had a reward of Rs 10,000 on his head for killing a man. He was produced before the court on Friday and sent to jail.

Now, who says things they show in films don’t happen for a year?