This documentary titled Before the Party is a a very serious take on what goes behind the pompous FIFA World Cup fest every four years. The video takes you through the behind-the-scenes of the preparations for the FIFA World Cup (2014) and the Olympic Summer Games (2016) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But Rio has also a less glamorous site; the crime rate is high among the youngsters since the only job opportunity they have here is drug trafficking. Poverty reflects here to an extreme level.

The poor live in unprotected self-built houses called favelas (Brazilian term for a slum within urban area) and are considered as a law and order problem and a security threat to tourists and mega events. So they are occupied by armed officials and also made to construct city safe cable cars so as to make travelling convenient to the tourists.

Even though the city government has an ambitious plan to renew and urbanise all the favelas by 2020, in Rio de Janeiro, 20 percent of the population consists of favelas.

Watch how the preparations for mega sporting events like the FIFA World Cup 2014 shape the life in the favelas and the relations between poor and rich people!