Have you loved Shaheen the Camel’s predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2014 match-winners? Shaheen’s fans have been religiously following her daily forecast for the football tournament in Brazil. Even if she is wrong, they come back to her. In fact, there were rumours that Shaheen had been killed after her Germany vs Portugal match prediction went wrong. There were also allegations that the camel was taught or given directions to choose a particular winner by bribing her with food.

Some others said that Shaheen the Camel was not a real animal!

This video clarifies all. Made by the people who shoot Shaheen’s daily FIFA World Cup predictions, it shows that not only is Shaheen alive, but that her manner of choosing the winner is absolutely fool-proof! The makers have issued a clarification, saying, “We go behind the scenes to dispel rumours of foul play and trickery as Shaheen the camel makes his World Cup predictions.”

Watch how Shaheen the Camel predicts match winners in this behind-the-scenes video!