Google has released a new doodle today, as part of its ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 doodle series to celebrate the game of football. 2018’s doodle series celebrates the rich cultures and talent of all 32 participating countries by featuring guest artists hailing from each nation. Throughout the games, don’t miss to catch all 32 doodles, with each illustrating the artist’s interpretation of “What Football looks like in my country.”

Today’s doodle marks the sixth day of the World Cup. The Google doodle includes illustrations of artists from Columbia, Egypt, Japan, Poland, Russia, and Senegal. The reason behind these countries to be featured is because of the corresponding matches between Columbia vs Japan, Poland vs Senegal, and Russia vs Egypt. The search giant has invited Diego Cadena Bejarano from Columbia, Shennawy from Egypt, Shinji Tsuchimochi from Japan, Świętosław “Slawek” Fedorczuk from Poland, Arina Shabanova from Russia, and Pamplemus from Senegal as the artists for the illustrations. The Google Doodle page has all the answers by the artists on what football is like in their respective countries.

Meanwhile, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is underway! Over the next month, players from the men’s national teams of 32 countries across the globe will compete against the other for the top spot, across 12 venues in 11 cities around the country. With a total of 64 matches, the final match of the World Cup will culminate at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on July 15.