Football fever is back as the much talked about and anticipated world-cup being hosted in Russia finally kicked off on June 14 with a match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Fans are celebrating and cheering for their teams all over the world.

This loved sporting event has got a UK local man named Gus Hully from Cheltenham Town to celebrate his love of football by collecting beer from 32 countries that are participating in the football world cup.

It was easy to source beers from countries like Spain, Germany, France, however, even though it was not so easy to source beers from countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia he managed to secure beer from their as well.

Gus gushed on Twitter that he was able to source beer from all 32 nations that were participating in the football world cup in 2018. He shared a picture with his collection and this got many users on the micro-blogging site excited about this amazing feat of getting beers from all participating countries.

It will be seen as to which beer will he be drinking in the end to mark the final match of the world cup.