This advertisement is surely one of the best ads one can come across in recent times. The creativity and the scintillating use of graphics in this one-minute-video passes an important message with ease. Who had have thought that Hindu deities could ever be used spreading awareness of road-safety rules? This ad delivers a message, that one might never forget when he is stepping out of his door for a drive.

The creativity quotient in commercials has increased manifold these days. The seller not just tries to market his product through an advertisement but also tries to ensure that the buyer is lured enough to try his product at least once. YouTube has emerged as one of the most loved platforms where people share their creativity through videos and their content goes viral in no time. (Also watch: Stop judging, start living: This amazing video will teach you lessons for a lifetime)

This one minute video uploaded by a random user- Ranbir Talwar, on YouTube shows how even gods and goddesses wear their headgear before they go for a ride, be it Lord Ganesha, Maa Durga, or Lord Vishnu. Do we then choose to ignore what even our creators and protectors don’t? When deities wear their headgear before they set out to venture, then why can’t we, as human beings use helmets when we plan to ride a two-wheeler? (Also watch: Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli blamed for India’s exit at World Cup 2015: This spoof of Aap Ki Adalat & KRK will leave you ROFL!)

This delightful and artistic advert will leave a lasting impression and ask question marks about how lightly we take road safety when we venture out with our two-wheelers. Remember, God helps those who help themselves!