Kunming: People have always been fascinated with strange creatures and this time it’s a fish. But it’s no ordinary fish because people seem to believe that this fish in question, resembles a human face!

The fish was filmed in a lake by a woman visitor to a village outside the city of Kunming in the south of China, as per a report by Daily Mail. The video was initially shared on Chinese microblogging site Weibo and later started doing the rounds of the other social media platforms.

The 15-second-long video which has gone viral shows the fish that appeared to possess the eyes, nose, and mouth of a person. The clip further shows the fish poking its head just above the surface of the water at the lake’s edge. Check it out for yourself:

While some users were surprised, others felt creeped out and downright ‘scared’. Check out how people reacted


Some people joked about it too and compared the fish to a number of personalities



A similar incident had happened in 2016, when Qiu Xiaohua, an elementary school teacher, found a human-like fish in Wugang City, in Central China’s Hunan Province while he was out fishing. He said had been planning to eat the fish, but instead opted to keep it in his home.