Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and this time it is a five-year-old little boy who has shown immense courage in the face of danger. Often we hear big feats achieved by small children and it eventually leads us to wonder about the courage, valor and bravery that they must have shown in the face of danger. In Telangana on Saturday night a five-year-old boy singlehandedly thwarted an attack by a pack of dogs. The incident is of Anjaneyanagar near Kukatpally which is on the outskirts of Hyderabad. A CCTV camera at a nearby house bore the testimony to the little boy’s immense courage.

Many of us get scared of a barking dog and if there is a pack of growling and menacing dogs advancing upon us then there would be hardly anyone who would not like to turn tail and run helter-skelter. However the little boy Chandu did not run away but took on the pack of dogs fearlessly. The CCTV footage shows the boy Chandu walking a deserted lane with a little girl Pooja. A pack of dogs that are seen sleeping on the road wakeup as the children approaches and try to attack the children. Pooja gets scared and runs away while Chandu, stands his ground and tries to defend himself. He raises his hands in to make a threatening gesture and manages to force the dogs’ retreat. But as soon as his back is turned another dog tries to attack from a different direction and forces him to stop.

Chandu is soon surrounded by dogs but he raises his hands threateningly and tries to turn on his feet. The dogs retreat seeing that they cannot intimidate the small boy. The CCTV footage shows an adult hurrying at a distance as Chandu leaves the spot. The incident reportedly occurred during a family get together, when the two children slipped out for a midnight stroll leaving the elders of the family in conversation.