In a bizarre incident of following rules strictly a five-year-old girl was reduced to tears after being fined £150 which is around Rs. 12,500 for running a lemonade stall to passersby in east London, United Kingdom. The little girl was accused of trading without a license by a council enforcement officer last Saturday as told by her father Andre Spicer. The officer issued a fine of £90 if the family agreed to pay promptly as a fixed penalty notice. Andre Spicer said, “She was very upset and had to watch Brave a few times to calm down. Andre Spicer is a professor of Organisational Behavior at the Cass Business School at City University London. Andre Spicer said that his daughter had decided that she wanted to set up a stall in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets after attending her school fete.

“She wanted to sell toys or food or clothes but she eventually decided on lemonade. It was a way to entertain her on a summer’s day. We set up the stand and people started buying the lemonade. They were on the way to a concert and she brought a smile to their faces,” he said. However, within half-an-hour an enforcement official appeared and handed them a fine and told to pay within a fortnight if they want to avoid higher penalty. The incident prompted Andre Spicer to write a spirited article for the Telegraph.

He also wrote a tweet directed at Tower Hamlets Now with regards to the issue. He wrote, “Took 5 year old daughter to end of our road to run lemonade stand. Fined £180. She’s now sobbing, ‘I did a bad thing’. Thx @TowerHamletsNow.” However, dozens of festivals, markets and businesses have offered the little girl an opportunity to set up a lemonade stand. Also Read Dad’s Epic Fail, Films The Wrong Girl At Daughter’s Graduation Ceremony In England

Andre Spicer said he was shocked at the fine and the difference between his daughter’s lemonade stand and an unlicensed street vendor should have been common sense. Tower Hamlets Council issued an apology to the whole lemonadegate incident and issued tweets saying that the fine has been revoked.

The entire incident has given rise to many debates like Britain’s love of regulation, and the sign of bloated bureaucracy attacking entrepreneurship. However, Andre Spicer had a different take on the issue he said he was worried that children were now too closely monitored, controlled and supervised.