You might be lured by the huge discounts on online shopping website Flipkart. But we tell you why you should steer clear of such online deals and discounts. Flipkart has done it again, this is not the frst time the online megastore has cheated the customers. The daily offer site had in store for people a Nova Silky Shine 1200 W hot and cold foldable hair dryer. The hair dryer was priced at just Rs 199 under the deal. The actual price of the Niva hair dryer is shown as Rs 845, but under the deal it was priced at Rs 199 only.

The features included the Ehd + technology which ensures that only the right amount of heat is distributed on your hair. This technology helps prevent any damage to your hair.The Thermoprotect temperature setting in this dryer provides a shine and also conditions to your hair. It is foldable and can be carried in your travel bag. But when you click on the link you will see that the site is not charging you Rs 199 but Rs 349. (READ: Big discounts on Flipkart and Snapdeal? Why you should not fall for the deal)

This is not a first incident, there have been many instances wherein the e-commerce companies have played with the online consumers by luring them with superficial discounts and deals.Why does Flipkart mislead their consumers? There should be transparent pricing in terms of MRP and discounting.If this is the case the loyal consumers will abandon the sites and look fore a more lucrative service providing website. Fake discounts and MRPs does not equal to a great shopping experience on flipkart.