Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce portals in India and with literally millions of deliveries in a day, the portal also boasts of a huge strength of employees. Flipkart has often done things in the past to thank their employees and made videos for them, but for the first time, they brought everyone together and created a special screening of the movie created for the magician delivery boys which they too could watch. If you think about it, the delivery persons are quite like your Santas. Right from the time you create your wishlist with Santa (this is a paid one ofcourse) to the time the goods are delivered, it is these delivery boys who are behind the magic.

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Once you place the order, there’s someone at the warehouse who checks it for you, packages it well, attaches the labels and the necessary papers, sends it out to the courier company. While there are people at the warehouse who do this, the courier agency too has it’s own boys. The boys then pick your parcel up and battle all odds – from the sun to the pouring rain to see to it that you get your parcel on time, without any delays. The delivery boys are the ones responsible for your bright and happy smiles, the smiles for which they slog for hours on end. Sometimes, they even face your wrath if the delivery is faulty or defective!

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So then, while Flipkart made a video thanking these magician Santas who deliver the goods to your doorstep, they realised the wish fulfillers had never seen it! And this is what happened at the Flipkart factory one fine day!