The one answer that won many hearts of the IIT Delhi students was when Facebook CEO assured that soon the Candy Crush requests problem will go down the sink! Yes, good news for all those who are annoyed with the Candy Crush notification, requests for the super addictive game Candy Crush. Soon people won’t be bugged with the Candy Crush. (Candy Crush Saga: Top 9 reasons people love this sweet addictive game)

When one of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi students addressed the need of the hour, posing a question to Mark about How to stop receiving Candy Crush requests on Facebook, the crowd went crazy. And Mark made sure that the enthusiasm by the students should not be hampered with a negative response.  Mark assured that the issue is being worked upon and soon it seems you could big goodbye to all your Candy Crush woes! It seems the IITians give no hoot about Net Neutrality but are obsessed about Candy Crush requests.

Candy Crush is said to be the most downloaded app from the Google play store. There are many  Candy Crush fanatics online, but then there are also those who cannot wait to get rid of the game request, as  they feel the game could played without dragging someone into it for free life and other bonus. Let us look at a few things that might be going on in people’s mind after the big announcement! (Candy Crush Saga on Facebook: Top 7 lines you hear from Candy Crush addicts all the time!)

Zuckerberg is a genius!

Let the party begin!

“Now, I could go back to what I do”

Let them have some fun!

Finally getting life back together

Some are still in denial

Addiction level infinity

Let’s hear what the optimists want to say

While the fanatics can’t seem to hold it together any more

What do you think will be the brand new strategy of Zuckerberg to save people from the Candy Crush requests?