It is that time of the year when people look forward to decorating the Christmas tree, putting on some stockings out there and munching some divine and delicious sweets. But guess what you are about to see? A bunch of American Santas trying their hand at tasting some yummy sweets from around the world.

The American Santas Jeera biscuits from India which they find corn meal like and are not really fascinated by the crumbly and not so sweet piece of dish.Next they grab their hands on maple cream cookies from Canada which reminds them of childhood peanut butter and honey eating memories. The maple cream cookies are followed by Tim Tams and Bicho-Bicho! (ALSO READ: This cute Santa-talk with a little girl will melt your heart!)

We are sure that to test taste the gooey, drippy and flaky sweets from all around the world just like them. You will smile from ear to ear watching this Buzzfeed video of American Santas trying international sweats. You will fall in love with these jolly Santas dressed in all red and white savouring each sweet with joy. (8 Pictures of Santa posing with this sleeping baby will make the coldest heart go ‘awww’)