The self-proclaimed godman Swami Om is back in the news and this time for the Lok Sabha elections 2019. On March 24, he said in a statement that he will be contesting the elections from the New Delhi constituency. The ex Bigg Boss contestant also said that he will fight against the ‘anti-Hindu’ stance of the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who recently tweeted his party symbol, a broom chasing a ‘Hindu swastika’.

He also revealed that several Hindu organisations held a meeting on March 23 and finalised his name for the contesting of elections from Delhi constituency.

Swami rose has always received several hate comments for his nasty remarks. He is also known for slapping a woman during a news discussion. He also has some criminal cases against him and is accused of molesting and threatening a woman.

During his stay in Bigg Boss house, he became the most controversial contestant. He used abusive language and gave misogynistic comments on the female contestants of the house. Not only this, but he also used to pass derogatory remarks about other contestant’s parentage. He was later thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after he threw urine on Bani J and Priyanka Jagga during a task.

He has also been in news for his videos along with nude women went viral on social media. The King of Controversies had tried each and every cheap stunt to grab the limelight and stay in the news. A few months back, Om uploaded a video wherein he was seen meditating and teaching the naked woman yoga.

Well, we are sure this is another publicity stunt by him to gain limelight.