Predictable, bad acting, and sequences that make little sense. There are dialogues that scarcely pique one’s interest and that is a summary of the trailer of Fredrick. It stars Prashant Narayanan is the only saving grace here but there is very little that he can do to salvage this as the way some of the scenes are conceived is laugh-inducing. We only get to see one song in the trailer and the tame, clichéd duet is something that you will be tempted to fast-forward as soon as you hear it. There is also the small matter of the poorly executed stunt sequences.

Fredrick promises to be psychological suspense thriller and it directed by Rajesh Butalia. The movies tracks the life of Fredrick, a wastrel during his childhood. The opening sequence starts with young Fredrick caught red handed by his dad with bangles in his room, and is strictly reprimanded for the same. After getting thrashed by his dad for his wayward ways, the scene shifts to a grown up Fredrick, who is now a gangster and is on the run. He is seen in the hospital and in jail, where the cops try to dig out information from him.

There is also Tulna Butalia, who looks good and is shown doing some action as well, which she does with aplomb. If the trailer is anything to go by, the young actress will have more to do than just pop up during a song sequence. The trailer ends with what is expected to be the beginning of Fredrick’s journey; by killing his own father. Catch the trailer below but don’t be surprised if you are not impressed.