There are lot of ‘Free Hugs’ initiatives launched for novel causes these days. Indian Dope Trick set up its own and a representative stood on Marine Drive in Mumbai with a placard and guess what the response was? Initially, there was a lot of apprehension shown by joggers and pedestrians alike. This is where the older population of Mumbai come to the rescue and inquisitiveness led to the the guy talking about the cause – for every hug out that he gets, a donation is made. The word spreads soon and people are comfortable now the hugs keep flowing in.

This episode also brings to light how much trust one would have on a random guy on the street having a message scribbled on a chart. That is where some of them step up and show a lot of enthusiasm. Look out for the elderly gentleman telling the guy, Manas Singh that he would have got more hugs had he been Ms Singh. Manas is told that he would have got three hugs. Watch the full video below: