The festival of colours Holi 2016 is here! The festival that brings loads of merriness, joy, love and togetherness with a dash of colours. No one can get enough of the bright colours, chilled Thandai and Bhang and some yumilicious sweets and delicacies on the festival of Holi. And what more do we need than a couple of classic Bollywood Holi themed songs to bring us together! Bollywood celebrates the festival of colours pompously. With ever movie releasing during this time, there is bound to be a brightly colour splattered Holi song along with it.(ALSO READ: Holi festival 2016 Google Doodle: Google hompage brightens up with colour-splattered logo to celebrate festival of colours).

Time and again Bollywood has some of the most beautiful vibrant visually amazing Holi songs which bring out the whole festive mood to an all new level. This non stop Holi special jukebox has songs from the good old Range Barse days to the hippest songs such as Do me a favour lets play Holi! So if you love swooning with a glass of Bhang to the song Rang Barse or the mischievous colourful song Aaj Na Choddenge? Listen to this non stop Holi song jukebox and enjoy Holi 2016 with us! Happy Holi!