Mumbai, June 23: After the phenomenal success of his first trilogy The Shiva Trilogy, author Amish is back with ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’, first book of his Ram Chandra series. The book published by Westland Publications is now available in bookstores and on shopping website Readers can also read the first chapter of the book on Amazon.

The book launch took place on Monday, June 22 at Crosswords book store in Kemp’s Corner in Grant Road and Crosswords streamed it live through their Youtube channel.

In keeping with the unique genre introduced by Amish to the Indian readers, the genre of mythological fiction, The Ram Chandra series is a fictional retelling of the most important Hindu epic ‘The Ramayana’.

The author, who in real life also is a staunch believer of Lord Shiva, writes books based on theme of the life and culture in the Vedic Era. He credits Lord Shiva as the inspiration for all his works and believes that his transformation from an atheist to a steadfast devotee is all because of “Lord Shiva’s blessings”.

The Shiva Trilogy is a huge rage in India and has sold more than 2.5 million copies. The series is based in the 1900 BC and revolves around the life of Shiva, who in the narrative is a new Messiah who rises to deliver the Vedic race from evil. Karan Johar has bought the rights to the English film adaptation of the first book of the series, ‘The Immortals of Meluha’.