New Delhi: A Varanasi couple exchanged garlands made of onions and garlic on their wedding in an attempt to make a statement against the astronomical price rise of onions. Guests at the wedding also brought onions to the couple.

Recently, a couple in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore received a bouquet of onion. Even onions have entered the pre-wedding shoot market as a to-be bride wore onion garlands for her pre-wedding shoot and the photo went viral on social media.

Onion prices reached as high as Rs 200 per kg and India started importing onions from Afghanistan, Egypt. Ensuring that the country will soon overcome the onion crisis, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday said the government was taking every step to import onions and restore their supply to the market.

“At many places, onion prices have fallen down. We have a Group of Ministers, which is reviewing the situation regularly and deciding on how to further take up the import-related issues regarding onions. The onion crop was damaged due to heavy rains and flood,” said Sitharaman.

However, the one place where there is almost zero presence on onion is the menu. Some caterers in Goa asked hosts to revise wedding menu requiring minimum onion. Many eateries have done away with items like onion and some others are replacing onion with cabbage. A Bangalore eatery has removed onion dosa from their menu.